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Innovation, collaboration and their citizens make cities smart!

The ICLEI Global Town Hall 2014 at the Metropolitan Solutions trade show in Hannover, Germany promoted dialogue between cities and company. It brought to the forefront the need for collaboration among not just businesses and cities but also many stakeholders. 

"It has become obvious that we need much more interconnectivity and interaction of all responsibilities within a city  and also within businesses to work towards creating smart cities" said Monika Zimmermann, Deputy Secretary General of ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability. Solutions no longer work in a bubble, city's needs are never singular and therefore solution can never be limited to one sphere or silo. Participants of Global Town Hall 2014 explored the challanges of sustainable urban development, both on and off the stage.

Over the course of the five days event from April  7-11 2014, key topics in the arena of sustainable city planning were discussed, covering themes from EcoMobility, Low Carbon Cities to Smart Cities and Urban Agriculture. A diverse range of  local governments were represented. Some inspiring presentation came from cities already on the path of sustainable development, like Müster, Amsterdam, Belo Horizonte and Seoul. Many Cities starting their journey to a sustaible future, such as Rajkot, Balikpapan and Kwa Dukuza, Fortaleza and Recife actively engaged with their peers  and businesses at the Global Town Hall  Forum and Lounge.

The intense participation in the ICLEI Global Town Hall's back to back sessions  and lounge talks demonstrated that the need for interaction and cooperation is very strong. ICLEI will continue to provide cutting edge city-businesses dialogues at Metropolitan Solutions 2015.  Join us in Berlin next year!

Global Town Hall @ Metropolitan Solutions moves to Berlin in 2015.

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Networking and site visits

In addition, city delegates enjoyed informal networking opportunities at our Global Town Hall Lounge; requested custom one-on-one meetings with exhibiting companies or city delegates; and took a tour of local cities in the area to see first-hand, innovative examples of sustainable urban infrastructure projects.