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ICLEI Global Town Hall Program

Global Town Hall Program

Participants and visitors to the 2014 Global Town Hall enjoyed a very dense program of 53 individual sessions with over 120 speakers from cities, businesses, research institutions, national and supra-national government institutions and international organizations.

Program and Themes

The program of the Global Town Hall Forum covered the following themes over the course of five days from April 7-11, 2014:

  • City-Business Dialogues
  • Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Smart Cities
  • Standardization
  • EcoMobility
  • Sustainable Procurement
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Green Buildings
  • Low Carbon Development
  • Nexus - Integrated Solutions Young Leaders

Session formats

The ICLEI Global Town Hall featured facilitated dialogue in several session formats designed to meet the demands of cities, businesses, and a larger audience of Metropolitan Solutions’ visitors.


Food for Thought: Urban Trends

Infrastructure solutions require long-term decisions for an unforeseeable future. Leading experts provide insights in urban trends to inform businesses and local decision-makers.

Cities on Stage

Local governments from around the globe introduce their strategies and outstanding projects for sustainable urban infrastructures.

Thematic Panels

In thought-provoking debates, local decision makers, business leaders and urban infrastructure experts discuss key issues of ICLEI Global Town Hall themes: Climate Change & Adaptation, Mobility – EcoMobility, Green Building, integrated approaches to address the Urban Nexus and Young Leader engagement.

Green Seat

True urban sustainability is more than just marketing. Local governments, NGOs and scientists challenge daring business leaders with critical questions regarding the sustainability of their company’s products and services.

Solutions Screening

Companies pitch their sustainable urban infrastructure solutions to cities. A panel of experienced local decision makers critically examines their proposals.

Urban Videos

Brief informative video contributions on urban issues and infrastructure projects screened daily. We invite you to propose your video contribution to ICLEI.